Inline Skating


One of the most famous course for inline skating, where official competitions as Czech Championship in inline marathon are taking place regularly. The course is easy but intended, so competitors will have a good fun skating here. During the non-competition days, when the public is out on the course the turns are right-handed, but on the day of competition the direction changes and all turns become left-handed. Please keep in mind, that the direction will change for Gigathlon as well to left-handed turns in case you are going to do some training beforehand. The course is interesting thanks to its uphill parts that will keep you focused. But nothing to be afraid of, these humps are really very little and short. The course is not wide as is the Sunday’s course in Račice, but still wide enough for a single inline skater as well as for the overtaking. After 7 loops inline skaters will hand off the chip to mountain bikers. 

Please click on the picture below for further detailes on the Saturday's Inline skating course.


The inline course in Račice is also very famous among the inline skating community. Thanks to its location, just one hour by car from Prague, there are always athletes training. This course is as well a loop, that leads around a rowing channel, therefore it is nice and flat with no elevation gain and limited turns. This loop is great for all levels. Wether your are a pro inline skater and want to go in full speed or you are a recreational inline skater with the lack of technic, you will have a blast here. Just keep focused on your self and keep going, there won't be any sharp turns, bumps or crossings to stop you.

Before the Czech Championship in inline marathon has moved to Most, to Matylda Lake (Saturday’s course) it was regularly hosted here in Račice. 

Please click on the picture below for further detailes on the Sunday's Inline skating course.



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