Courses ( as of Friday 30.8.2019. (21:45).

Ústí nad Labem Region together with Central Bohemian Region are goiing to host Gigathlon Czech Republic 2019. You can look forward to the weekend full of sport, when Gigathletes have to overcome in total 271 km and 1 827 of elevation gain and that in all 5 Gigathhlon disciplines - swim, inline skating, run, road bike and mountain bike. Athletes compete both competition days in 5 disciplines but each day courses as well as their order will be different. Besides of traditional Weekend Gigathlon you can choose 1-Day Gigathlon (only Delicious Sunday). More info about categories and fees can be found HERE

The main home base will be again as last year in Labe Arena Račice, where both competition days will have their start and finish line. The main Saturday’s transition zone will be located in CAMP MĚLNÍK, 17 km away from Račice, where most of the disciplines will have their start and finish for the first competition day. Sunday’s courses will be shorter, less demanding and therefore faster. Start and finish of the second competition day will be in Labe Aréna Račice, where we expect again an awesome atmosphere. 


Note: Version as of May 27th, 2019. Courses can be changed and updated. 

For the very first time the Gigathlion Czech Republic will start with the SWIM mass start. All swimmers will gather at the start of the rowing channel at 7:00 am and swim through the whole length of the channel. After 2,2 km swim and 100 m run at the end of the channel INLINE skaters will be waiting for them.

They will start their course with a "warm up" round around the channel and then hit the inline skating path direction Mělník. This course goes along the river Labe. Spectacular views over the Chateau Mělnik will open to athletes' sights. In-line skaters will finish in Camp Mělník, the main Saturday's centre.

Third discipline of the day is MOUNAINBIKE. 43 km long wavy course through the Kokořín forest will be one of the highlights of the whole weekend. Discipline RUN will be the last on Saturday that is going to start and end in Mělník. Again a great views over the Chateau Mělnik will open to these athletes. Extremely scenic and diverse course with green paths turning in to quiet asphalts roads back and forth will bring runners all the way to the confluence of the two biggest Czech rivers Vltava and Labe. The last discipline of the day and the discipline, that will start in Mělník, but will finish in Račice will be the ROAD BIKE. From Mělník cyclist will dive back in to the forest area of Kokořín and will finish their 60 km long measured course in Štětí, where their time for the day will be stopped. Unfortunately due to the undergoing bridge reconstruction in Štětí athletes cannot cycle directly to Račice. But luckily enough they can enjoy a ferry ride instead that is going to take them over the river  and then a final chill ride back to Labe Aréna Račice.  


This applies to Saturday only!

In case you are planning on executing the combination of SWIM AND MOUNTAINBIKE by the same athlete, the extra unnecessary waiting time, between the inline skater’s finish and swimmer’s arrival will be neutralised (not counted as a competition time). 


Note: Version as of May 27th, 2019. Courses can be changed and updated. 

Delicious Sunday stands for shorter and less demanding courses and therefore a fast performance with more stress on the teamwork and fun. On Sunday we will welcome at the start next to the Weekend-Gigathletes also fresh 1 day Sunday-Gigathletes. 

Main centre of the day will be in Labe Arena Račice, where all disciplines will start and finish. There will be only one transition zone, what will create again an awesome atmosphere at the finish line. Sunday as every year will start in intervals based on times from the first competition day. The fastest in each category will start at 7:00 and will be followed by others with max gap of 60 min from the first day. A mass start for rest of athletes is set for 8:00 am. 

First discipline ROAD BIKE is a 60 km long course that will break the mass in small groups, so gigathletes in the second discipline SWIM won’t have to fight for their space in the water. Swimmers also won’t stay in the water that long, they will swim only half of Saturday’s course 1 km. From the wetsuit back to the bike seat.  Due to the bridge reconstruction in Štětí will MOUNTAINBIKE discipline stick as well close to Labe Aréna. A less technical 17,5 km long round in a nearby forest will ride bikers twice. The discipline RUN got this year on the fourth place but the course remains the same as last year. Two times 5,25 km long round around the rowing channel, when the athletes will have to cross the finish line twice before they can hand over the relay to athletes in the last discipline of the Gigathlon Czech Republic 2019 INLINE SKATING

The last burden will be carried by inline skaters, who will circle 3 times around the channel before the very final 2019 finish line crossing. Biker or Supporter can accompany the last Gigathlet for his/her last round and the rest of the team mates can join for the last few meters. The last finish line brings the smiles on athletes faces and therefor we recommend you to be aware of your mates on the course and not to move far from the finish line. 

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