Below courses are the ones that we are planning on setting for this year. Nevertheless courses might slightly change in terms to line up with the new official regulations. We do believe there won’t be any major changes and will keep you posted on the way. 

Safety is a priority therfore this year we are going to simplify logistics and lower the spread area entered by gigathletes. Therefore there will be similar courses on both competition days. 

FURIOUS SATURDAY will kick off at Baraba with the swim course. Swimmers will circle 1km long round twice in crystal clear water of the quarry. Next one on the course inline skaters will copy last year inline course from Mělník (Baraba) to Počaply and back. Road bike will start also at Baraba but will finish on the main square in Mělník. 2 rounds of approx 32 km towards Kokořínsko with the passage through the main square after the first round, will be a spectacular ride. Bikers will again as last year dive into the forest of Kokořínsko. They can look forward to technical parts on the 46 km long course. Bikers will hand over the relay on the main square to runners, who will run 3 times 6 km long loop with the scenic views over Mělník, which will be the great end of the first day. 

Note: Version as of May 18th 2020. Courses can be changed and updated. 

CURIOUS SUNDAY starts on the man square with road bikers as the first on course. They will ride one round of the previous day course with a short detour and meet up with swimmers at Baraba quarry. Swimmers will copy again Saturday's loop but only once. Inline skater will head the opposite direction from Baraba to Stožec and back. Bikers will have less elevation gain demanding course, they will be able to speed up in 4 loops around Baraba and catch up at the main square with runners, who will after 2 running loops finish the Gigathlon Czech Republic 2020.

Note: Version as of May 18th 2020. Courses can be changed and updated. 

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