Dear Gigathletes, volunteers and friends, 

As we find ourselves in difficult times, we wish you all good health and strength to get through this. Our thoughts go to anyone who has been affected by current situation. 

While we are still 5 months away read more..

5. YEAR OF GIGATHLON CZECH REPUBLIC is heading back to Mělník and its surrounding, that was already last year a home-base for Saturday. Mělník is situated at the confluence of two rivers - Labe and Vltava and offers an outstanding views and an wide scale of an attractive courses. For this time you can look forward to the finish line in the city center directly at the town square.

Camp Mělník will be a main home-base for both competition days. It is located in a walk distance from the city center and offers several types of an accommodation as well as a delicious kitchen.   

Start and finish of the both competition days will be in Mělník. Courses will be mainly new and won't copy last year's courses. For the very first time Gigathletes will conquer golden city of Prague.


FURIOUS SATURDAY, 29.8.2020 | 169 km

Swimmers will  for the very time swim downstream the river - 3 km long course will bring them to the city center of Mělník. Inline skaters will skate along the river Labe to Hněvice and back. On their way back they can fully enjoy the stunning view at the Mělník castle. Cyclists will go to Prague's periphery and back. Bikers will explore hidden places of Kokořín that they have missed last year. Runners will run around the river Labe direction Hořín.

CURIOUS SUNDAY, 30.8.2020 | 116 km

Second day will be started by cyclist with their 60 km long course through Budyň nad Ohří and around Říp hill. Legend says that first Czech has settled here at the Říp. Swimmers will swim in the crystal clear water of the quarry called Baraba. Inline skaters, will hit the cycling path opposite direction than on Saturday, direction Lužec. Bikers and runners wont leave Mělník and its close surrounding. Runners will finish the 5th Gigathlon Czech Republic at the town square that will create a unique unforgettable atmosphere. 


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