Gigathletes will complete 5 Gigathlon disciplines in approx. half distances of Athletic Saturday's courses

LIGHT SATURDAY will be kicked off by SWIMMERS. 1.1 km long round in crystal clear water of the quarry Baraba will be a great refreshing way how to start a day. As a second will get on course INLINE SKATERS. They will skate along the river on the cycling path direction Hněvice. After 6 km they will turn back and hit the way opposite direction back to Mělník. Last short part  will be going up hill up to the point, where 500 m before the finish line, due to health and safety, inline skaters will have to swap inline skates for the running shoes and run the last part to the main square. (Inline skates has to be carried while running or picked up by team mates.) 

Third on course, but first starting from main square will get on the road gigathletes in dicsipline ROAD BIKE on the 46 km long loop across the green foresty area of Kokořínsko. Releay then will be handed to the RUNNERS. They will get the most of the city Mělník with 8 km long run down to the confluence of two Czech biggest rivers called Labe and Vltava. A mixture of road and terrain run will be accompanied all the way by a great view over the Mělník castle. 

Last but not least will take the burden on their shoulders BIKERS who will be already waiting on the main square. They will hit the road direction Kokořínsko and dive into the forest. On their 45 km long course they can look forward not only to a quite beautiful nature, but also to some decent technical passages. They will finish their ride as well as the whole event Light Saturday Gigathlon by crossing the finish line together with their team mates/supporter back on the main square in city center of Mělník. 

total distance: 116 km

Note: Version as of June 20th 2021. Courses can be changed and updated.  



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