«JUST MASSIVE» – that's the slogan for Gigathlon Switzerland 2016. And the name says it all because, having explored the surprisingly hilly «lowlands» of the canton of Aargau last summer, we are preparing to scale the legendary passes and dizzy heights of the mountain massif in the St.Gotthard region this year. Centrally located on the European north-south transit route, the Gotthard axis has bridges shrouded in myth, remote pack-train routes, monumental tunnels and lush mountain pastures awaiting adventurous Gigathletes who would like to take on the alpine challenge. 

From 10 to 12 June 2016 - just one week after the official opening ceremony of the new Gotthard tunnel - the Gigathlon retinue will take to the Gotthard route. Incidentally, this means that the 2016 Gigathlon Switzerland will return to Ticino, the highly popular «sun terrace» of Switzerland, for the first time in ten years and go off the beaten track with some impressive courses. As well as Ticino, a large section of the 2016 Gigathlon Switzerland will take place in the canton of Uri.

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