On the Friday evening, Singles and Couples will start the SwimRun at the Arosa Sports and Congress Centre. Swimming and running through the lakes, forests, trails and streets of Arosa. A wetsuit and running shoes are worn throughout the whole SwimRun. Only one of the two team members starts in the Couples category. The SwimRun is paused without split times and counts towards the overall competition time of Gigathlon Switzerland 2018. In return, the swimming and the running disciplines on the Saturday are reduced by the distances completed. 
Total: 5.5 km (1.5 km swim, 4 km run, -/+ 130 m elevation gain)


The new Gigathlon discipline "Alpine Trail Run" consists of a trail run following predominantly alpine paths of an adventurous nature. There are very few drinking water fountains on the courses, and it is not possible to have refreshment points on longer sections. The trail runners are on their own on the largest section of the course and must therefore carry refreshments and the stipulated minimum safety equipment in a rucksack. Sticks are officially allowed. This is the right place for anyone who likes to experience the mountains at first hand!


The running courses, which go around Arosa and Davos, are shorter and consist mostly of gravel paths and asphalt – running in the conventional sense, in other words. No minimum equipment is required here. There will be refreshment points as usual and sticks are prohibited. Competitive altitude training at its very best with your usual running gear. 


Even in the middle of summer, the temperature of the water in the lakes for swimming is naturally quite cold due to the high altitude. The swimming courses will be split into two parts in order to avoid spending too much time in cold water in one go. On Saturday, Single and Couple do only the first part of the course as they already did the first part on Friday with the prolog. The Swimrun on Friday and Swimming on Saturday doesn`t need to be done by the same swimmer (for couples). For Team of Five on Saturday both courses have to be done by the same athlete. On Sunday same rules for all athletes, both courses by the same athlete.


Those who set their sights high must be willing to put up with a lot of elevation gain and long ascents. You are sure to find plenty of this on the cycling and mountain biking courses – but have no fear, everything is measured out. The cycling section on the Saturday is a truly spectacular stage and has everything to set cyclists' pulses racing. It is rather long, so a gentler approach will be taken to the cycling course on the Sunday. 


The mountain biking sections take place mainly on gravel roads and forest tracks then head down to the valley – as befits outstanding mountain biking regions – on easy-to-negotiate trails with individual technical sections. Depending on your riding skills, there are even one or two dismount sections. But remember: the name of the discipline is (mountain) biking.

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