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Gigathlon is a mixture of a sports event, adventure trip and team-building exercise in which you are pushed to your limits. The Gigathletes compete in a variety of sporting disciplines as a Single, Couple or Team of Five. They brave all weathers to conquer mountains, gorges, lakes and vast expanses. The focus is on adventure, shared experiences and spectacular stories rather than times and rankings.

The Gigathlon has been held fifteen times since 1998. It has been held annually since 2015.

Gigathlon Principles
  • A multi-sport competition is organised in an attractive region of Switzerland every year.
  • A Gigathlon lasts at least two days.
  • Each edition is unique.

  • Five different Gigathlon disciplines take place in an arbitrary sequence on each day of the competition.
  • The Gigathlon disciplines may vary from year to year.

  • A prologue consisting of any number of Gigathlon disciplines may be offered in individual or all categories.

  • Times and rankings play a secondary role.

  • There are four different categories. In the case of the team categories, a minimum number of members must be women.

  • People with disabilities are welcome, and their limitations will be taken into account wherever possible.
  • We reserve the right to develop the concept behind the Gigathlon Switzerland from one edition to the next.
Gigathlon categories

Single Man Single Woman Couple Team of Five
Gigathlon diciplines






City Trailrun

Alpine Trailrun

The spiritual fathers of the Gigathlon
Peter Wirz Bruno Hubschmid

Gigathlon Founder

Holder of the Gigathlon trademark rights & proprietor of invents.ch

Gigathlon since 2000

Holder of the Gigathlon trademark rights & proprietor of invents.ch

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