The route from the camp to the start of the first lap in the Sarnersee is probably too short to wake up from the exertions of the first day. But the cool lake will see to that until it's time for the first transition to the half-marathon course or to the inline marathon twice around the Sarnersee. The two to three hundred metres of elevation gain will provide some welcome variety for the inline skaters, but it will sap the strength of the runners. Swimming the second lap will be a completely different experience after the churning waters of the mass start early in the morning: like a string of pearls, the swimmers will leave a glittering trail in the water. Once on the mountain bike, the mighty rock pyramid of Mount Pilatus will be the first to catch the eye. Although the route will not climb so high, the bikers will not find the cog railway awaiting them in Alpnach, but a steep elevation gain of 1500 metres as far as the furthest reaches of the Grossschlierental valley where the mountain bike and cycle courses meet before plunging to Sarnen in downhill mode. It's now important not to lose faith in your own staying power on the bicycle, firstly because the Glaubenberg Pass to the Entlebuch region is really mountainous and, secondly, because the Glaubenbielen Pass waiting in Sörenberg is yet another substantial obstacle, followed by the intoxicating descent to the Sarnersee. The final Trailrun to Flüeli Ranft, a place of pilgrimage, will once again show the Gigathletes the natural beauty and magnificent landscape of Obwalden and Nidwalden, and how exhilarating it is to move around under your own steam for hours and days.

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