Couple: The big challenge for sporting teams of two! The five disciplines are shared by two people, with a female athlete taking part in at least two disciplines each day. On Friday one of the two Gigathletes takes part in the SwimRun. The Couple is attended by a personal supporter.

Version «Inline»: SwimRun, Swimming, Cycling, Mountain Bike, Trailrun, Inline
Version «Run»: SwimRun, Swimming, Cycling, Mountain Bike, Trailrun, Running

Entrant package
The following are included in the entry fee:

  • Authorisation for 2 persons to start the Gigathlon Switzerland 2019
  • Gigathlete Manual (General Information + Courses Guides)
  • Start number set
  • Swim cap
  • Helmet cover for 2 persons
  • Time measurement
  • First-aid service
  • Gigathlete meals:
    FR: Dinner, SA: Breakfast and dinner, SU: Breakfast and dinner
    Competition catering Sponser Sport Food
  • 2 Gigathlon water bottles
  • Accreditation of 1 Supporter
  • Supporter meals
    FR: Dinner, SA: Breakfast and dinner, SU: Breakfast and dinner
  • Gigathlon tent
  • Overnight stays in the camp
  • Parking for supporter vehicle in Sarnen, Ennetbürgen-Buochs and Engelberg
  • 1 transport with Titlis Cable Cars in Engelberg
  • Finisher gift
  • Certificate download
  • Finisher crossing the line videoTop 3 winner's prizes
  • Top 3 winner's prizes

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