The Single and one Gigathlete from each Couple and Team of Five will line up for the SwimRun on the Friday evening in Sarnen. Swimming in the Sarnersee lake and running through the streets, alleys, beach resorts and sports grounds of Sarnen. A wetsuit and running shoes are worn throughout the whole SwimRun. The SwimRun is paused without split times and counts towards the overall competition time of Gigathlon Switzerland 2019.

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From the water into the mountains at the foot of the glacier and back to the water. This basic formula was used to trace the route through the spectacular landscape on Key Saturday. The Gigathletes will set off early in the morning from the headquarters at the Sarnersee and cycle towards Lucerne on the winding circuit around Lake Lucerne. The ferry awaits in Brunnen at the foot of the Seelisberg, which is overcome with a short, steep ascent. The stunning vista during the descent to Ennetbürgen-Buochs provides an energy boost for the first swimming lap in Lake Lucerne. It's off with the wetsuit and on with the shoes for the run at the foot of the glamorous Bürgenstock through the villages of Stansstad, Stans, Oberdorf, Buochs and Ennetbürgen, or on with the inline skates for two quick laps on and around Buochs airfield. That's followed by a jump into the lake for the second time back in Ennetbürgen, before the approaching Trailrun through meadows and forests along Engelberg's Aa river up towards Engelberg. The first Gigathlon day is topped off by mountain biking in the evening. Up the 2200 metre Joch mountain pass in the setting sun, through the idyllic Melchtal valley down to Sarnen and back to the camp on the shores of the Sarnersee.

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