POETIC SUNDAY 29.8.2021 | 102 km

POETIC SUNDAY starts where the Athletic Saturday ended - on the main square with the road bikers as the first on course. They will ride shorten round of the previous day course 47 km (same as 2020) and meet up with swimmers at Baraba quarry. Swimmers will copy 2 Saturday's loop and get the portion of 1.6 km swim. Inline skaters, if the current building situation will allow, will head the opposite direction on the new cycling path direction Lužec. Bikers will have less elevation gain demanding course. They will not get too far from the main scene. Five loops of nearly 5 km lenght will create a great parade again, as they will have to ride through the main square, through the finish line after each loop. It is, without any doubts, going to create again an exciting atmosphere. Once they part is done they will catch up with runners, who will after 1 Saturday's loop finish the Gigathlon Czech Republic 2021.

Total distance Poetic Sunday: 104 km

Note: Version as of November 1, 2020. Courses can be changed and updated. 


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